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This is a mobile app I created with 6 other students at Stanford University for the CS342: Building for Digital Health course in Winter 2022. BUDI stands for the Biofeedback Upper-Limb Device for Impairment App, which was an idea proposed by our graduate medical student mentor, Blynn Schneider, to track fine and gross motor therapy of children diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

The goal of this IOS app was to leverage software frameworks of Apple Health and Stanford CardinalKit to track real-time biofeedback during physical or occupational therapy, as biofeedback has been proven, in many examples of mobility & rehabilitation research, to improve user compliance of physical and occupational therapy by creating environments that are more engaging, motivating, and fun.

Prototypes of the BUDI logo and home screen I made on Figma.

UI/UX Design.

I was the UI/UX designer for my team, so I worked primarily on Figma to create the home page display and logo of the app. Additionally, I was also a frontend developer and implemented the initial onboarding survey of the application by creating survey view controller components, leveraging the CardinalKit framework created by Stanford School of Medicine.

Display of the Live Therapy graph and real-time collected data from Apple watch.

Live Therapy View Controller.

I also worked with our mentor Blynn, and another student Taylor Lallas, on the “Live Therapy” view component of the app, which collects real-time data from the user’s Apple Watch and then displays immediately on the app. After the app was able to successfully collect real-time data from the user, I worked on the UI/UX of the component, and developed the gradient color scheme of the graph.

Video Demonstration of the Final Working App.

The final app is currently hosted on our team GitHub, which I am unable to share publicly for privacy reasons. Please contact me directly if you have any further questions about the project.

Phone demonstration of the functionalities of the BUDI app.

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