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This is a startup idea I am currently working on to develop a mobile application that includes information about research and startup opportunities students on campus are currently working on, and looking for others to join. This idea came to me when I noticed how most opportunities from students on campus are spread primarily through email lists at Stanford. Students looking for opportunities also primarily choose to cold email professors and TAs for open positions in their research labs.

That is why I had the idea to design an application which has easily scrollable on-campus opportunities, and is easy for students looking for others to join their team to post. I am currently in the process of building the application using React Native.

Initial Design Ideas: two categories (on the left) vs infinitely scrollable (on the right)

An initial idea.

I had two initial ideas for the UI/UX design of the application. The first idea was the separate the application into two separate categories: startups and research, and the second was to create a "Reddit-like" application with infinitely scrollable opportunities.

Two ideas joined together & developing additional designs.

UX Research.

After interviewing some of my close friends on what they would prefer for a job-finding application such as this idea, I decided that the infinitely scrollable application would be easier to navigate, but should have a top bar that allows the user to switch between two categories of job descriptions.

Building the app.

I am currently using React Native to build a functional frontend prototype of the application on Expo, and designing additional prototypes for different screens as I develop the app. I am also currently looking for other students to help me in this process.

Developed Home Screen of the app.
Application screen to develop.

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