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The Quant Dev Research Lab at Stanford University is a group focused on studying the effects of digital devices on the health of individuals across various ages, ethnicities, genders, etc. The lab collects data from self-conducted studies in collaboration with research organizations across the world on similar topics, and analyzes and presents the results using R markdown/Python and Intensive Longitudinal Workshop tutorials.

The current lab includes research divided among a variety of different categories, including Data Visualization, Environmentalism, Workshop Tutorials, Collaborations, and the existing Screenomics Research Lab, as well as much more.

Early stages of Quant Dev website design.

Digital illustrations.

I began this project by developing the home page of the website. Here is a digital design of an interactive, clickable outline of San Francisco I created, which would be used as the basis to display the foremost projects of the Quant Dev Research Lab.

Prototypes of home page on Figma.

Prototyping with Figma.

Throughout the next couple of weeks, I worked primarily on Figma to develop a home page for the Quant Dev website, compliant with Stanford’s website hosting accessibility concerns.
Integrating available Stanford identity designs hosted on the Stanford Decanter website, I created a basic template which navigated between the Home, About, and current website of the Screenomics Lab.

Wordpress hosting and website development.

Currently, I am working on transferring all of the embedded R markdown video files and content of multiple "Intensive Longitudinal Analysis" workshops onto the "Tutorials" section of the new Quant Dev Wordpress domain using Google Drive.

Current Quant Dev Website (08/19/2022).
Subpage of Quant Dev Workshop Tutorials.

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App Design
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App Design

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