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CS 147: Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
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App Design
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An app to help young travelers to discover hidden attractions during their trip. Whether this refers to historic tourist destinations or short-term pop-ups events, UnCover will offer recommendations tailored to the user's personal tastes and assist in uncovering the world around you!

A concept video I created early on to represent our app idea.


During the initial needfinding process of this project, my team of 4 split into two groups and conducted interviews about habits prior to and during a trip. I interviewed a total of 4 people with my partner in one week, including both strangers and personal connections we had. Finally, I consolidated all of the information from our total 6 interviews into empathy maps of what the interviewees said and did during the interviews, and also what my team inferred they felt or thought.

Storyboarding our low-fi app sketches

Low-Fi Prototyping: User Testing

After narrowing down our problem scope to helping young travelers discover new experiences during a trip, we brainstormed and decided on 3 solutions as a group. I then sketched various layouts of our solutions on paper, and designed a full experience prototype for user testing. As a whole group, we then conducted tests using the low-fi paper prototype with strangers in the Palo Alto neighborhood. Finally, I presented our results in class to our Travel studio.

Med-Fi/High-Fi Prototyping: Figma and React Native

After gathering all of the information from user interviews and from experience testing, I designed a full Figma prototype of all of the screen components and task flows. I also made the med-fi prototype fully functional with animations/transitions on-click between each of the screens. I then gave the entire Figma design to our coders to implement exactly on React Native to create a final high-fi demonstration, which we presented at the class expo on 12/9/2022.

Uncover App Home Page
UnCover App Place Details Page

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