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CS 142: Web Applications
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Web Development
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I created this website as a final project for CS142: Web Applications at Stanford, Spring 2022. Using the database I was given for the class project, I used Javascript React to develop a basic photosharing website application which allows users to post pictures, add comments on each other’s posts, and register as new users on the website.

User photos page of "Ellen Ripley".

User Profile Extension.

One of the "stories" I implemented was an extension of the user's profile, which includes the Most Recent and Most Commented On photo in each individual user's Photos page. It also includes typical information found in a user profile, such as the user's name, current location, occupation, and etc.

User profile page for "Ellen Ripley".

Adding comments to user posts.

This photosharing app also has the ability to add comments on user posts in real-time, and dynamically posts them upon submit. As user activities occur, such as commenting on a post, the Users List sidebar on the left side of the website also automatically renders and updates.

New User Registration.

I also created a login registration page when a user goes to the URL of the website. The page requests the user to login with an existing account, or registers a new user in the database after the user submits the new registration information.

New user registration component.
Video Demonstration.

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